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80 720 wont start

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started christmas day of '12, (merry christmas right?) started my truck and it ran rough
(sounded more like a harley then usual) shut it off and three days later wouldnt start at all. replaced fuel filter, pulled and cleaned plugs, replaced cap rotor and eventually the dizzy. still no go. truck will crank and spark sometimes back fire. any thoughts?

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Take air filter off and look.


Is the choke closed???

Is there fuel visible in the small round sight glass on the front of the carb???


Test both #1 plugs by removing and putting an old plug in the end. Lay on a grounded surface and crank motor. Do both spark???

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Though gas and spark are needed, no argument there....BUT, they need to have dozens of other things accur exactly when theyre needed to accur....If the gas and spark are there, then your next check should be timing.  Check your chain and see if its not jumped.

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