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UPDATED: LeX's 1981 HR30 GT-EX 4 door skyline


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I thought I should get around to posting this thing lol..

As it arrived from Japan

Here is my 1981 nissan skyline HR30!


Came basically bone stock from Japan except a ground kit and a nice catback exhaust and a few stickers.
had some significant engine bay structural damage and some rusty rear fenders but that has been dealt with and was a good undertaking.

Specs now are rebuilt L28E-T with block and head from 280Z. Currently using L20ET wiring and engine management to run everything. In the near future will be doing MS2 with 450cc injectors and upping boost to 15psi.

1981 HR30 GT-EX 4 door
L28E-T rebuilt motor
5spd transmission
stock R180 open rear end
10lbs boost on turbonetics T3/T4 stage 3 61 trim.
3" downpipe and mid pipe with 3" kakimoto catback
ebay BOV and FPR
240sx throttle body
ground kit
working P/S
280ZX turbo front brakes
S13 coilovers front and rear
switched grille to the one i like much more I ordered from Japan
Watanabe tribute wheels 15x9 -13 with 205 50 15 tires

NRG wheel and Recaros coming soon!


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yeah I need to spray bomb the flares black then i'll take some more pics this weekend. ONly had a couple recent ones. The interior is pretty mint though

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