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my break from datsuns

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you know the trick about that useless dizzy that need to emboss the firewall??


drop some s2000 coil on plug on that engine ,and wire them with the green wire of the igniter to get the signal (other wires are ground and 12v) it get you to run wasted spark on the engine and you can keep the heater and have a nice looking engine bay :D

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That link has 3 pages of photos now.


What has been done so far:

Pull old 4ac

Clean trans and engine bay

Remove power steering and ac.

It has been correctly swapped to manual steering.

Lowered on Swift 6k springs front and rear.

The 20v has been converted to rear-wheel drive, meaning the distributor has been relocated to the exhaust cam, and the T3 waterline kit was purchased to reroute the coolant lines so I don't have to bash the firewall.

I bought an OBX 20v AE86 header, gts bellhousing, T3 trumpets, Mishimoto radiator, and complete gasket kit.


The only things needed to get it running are a 16v flywheel, electric fans, spark plug wires, and a trans mount. To get this thing road worthy is something else it will need the above plus full exhaust, cat, and standalone ecu.

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