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Clear coat over Primer??

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I recently primered my truck with Dupli-Color Primer Surfacer and I'm having some issues. I did some searching but never foun a straight forward answer to my question.


1. It's fricking hot AF and I don't feel comfortable with the sun burning my truck away.


2. I read primer absorbs water. Even though it doesn't really rain in Vegas I still gotta wash my truck every now and then.


3. The cats in my neighborhood sleep on top of my truck and leave little piss stains which pisses me off.


So my question is, Can I spray a couple Clear Coats over my Primer to protect it in a sort of way. I don't mind a little shine as long as it still looks good.



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Are you rattle-canning? It would be quite easy to get a quality clear coat as well.  They sell those touch-up sprayers where you add paint, and the propellent is just a can that you replace when it's empty.  I've not used these, but I have a gun at home.  I'm quite sure I would find a way to get a better clear coat on if possible.  Not to mention, you will not save much money buying all those cans.  They really add up.  If you are not using rattle-cans, never mind.  If you still use rattle cans, awesome, post pics.

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Awesome, thanks. And no I won't be using rattle cans, just a cheap $25 dollar gun from Harbor Freight. It did a pretty good job on the primer so why not. 


I guess I'm gonna go with a Flat Clear cause I like the look so much. Hopefully it'll be easier to wash and protect it better.

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