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1980 280zx Daily Driver/ Project Beach


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In december 2012 i totaled my 2002 Lifted Wrx Wagon in a DUI incident. Lucky no one was hurt but the car was totaled. I was driving home one day and stumbled upon the car i own today. a incompletely restored 1980 280zx. the previous owner had kept all records of parts and service.


She has unknown Mileage but she drove straight and engine was sound. Windows leak but thats about the only problem with her. Which brings me to the project part of this car. Ive contimplated every direction from full restore to crazy custom and have settled on a resto-Mod type of modifying. 21st century technology in a 1980s style. Budget is as the money comes in so if it can be done for free the better it is. Most of the installs will be done by myself


Ive started pretty small...


Tinted windows

plasti dip the roof

Blacked out all chrome trim


What is planned...



Wide ZG Flares- 

Projector head lights

bumpers and sideskirts( leaning towards anniversary kit from thezstore.com)

Paint- No clue what direction on this yet...

Flush mount side markers

Custom Tail lights- Thinking round hella LED tail lights.


the Interior is that awesome baby blue color Yuck!

Replace broken interior pieces

Spray with duplicolor- Most likely black

Upgrade audio- GPS and Navigation sub and speakers.

Roll bar??



Diamond racing wheels- Offset to fill fender flares as best as possible

Cut springs or drop springs- Still not sure which way to go. dont want to slam it just want to fill the wheel wells a little better

better struts

replace broken tension rod on passenger side.


Engine- Very Very undecided on this.


Is it worth pushing the NA motor to its NA limit? or should i just swap it out for something else? I dont need to push huge HP numbers. this is not a race car but i would like to get above 200hp if possible.


Here she Is right now


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Just to let you know you will never get those fenders Justin is bad news here he's ripped off hundreds of people.


Anyway great project, its your car and what you want to do to it. Look up some engines that have been swapped or built L28's which are more than plenty builds out there NA & Turbocharged, the L28ET (turbocharged version) make 180hp stock so getting it 200hp is not a problem.

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Quick update.


I received the flares from Justin! really good quality and installation was a breeze. they do require some work as do all fiberglass products.


Flares are on


rear interior is refinished to fit like new


she's coming together slowly

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 I own a 280ZX car that i bought from the junk yard i m doing not a lot to it but i refreshing the L28 engine and i be pushing that engine with a turbo maybe 7 to 12 pound of boost, and I should be around 200 - i will like to say 325 but i m not sure because everything depends of how much you spend and what parts you use on the engine, i wont lie some parts are cheap but others are a little over price

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