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Base plate before carburetor


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My mechanic says I should replace the plastic base plate before the carburetor and also my accelerator pump isnt working.. just got it back from him and it drove like shit... im just gonna throw on my old carb any ideas where to get a new base plate from before i do this?

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The pump is right on top of the carb.  You can actually take it apart to clean it without removing the carb.  (had to do this once)

It's the little plunger on the front right when standing at the passenger side fender and looking at the carb.


You may need a magnet tool to get the little check ball out so you can shoot carb cleaner through the pump.  Don't forget to replace it and put the

spring back in correctly.  You can also get a new pump plunger without buying a whole kit if the plunger is torn.


The mechanic couldn't do this????  It takes all of 15 minutes.....


The spacer plate is actually a fuel mixture heater for winter time.  Also acts as a spacer and insulator.  You should have it, even if the heater

isn't used.

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Unless that heater is leaking vacuum you don't need to replace it. It warms intake air to help evaporate the rich fuel mixture on start up to reduce hydrocarbon emissions when the motor is cold.... any time of year.

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