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1973 620 Glove Box Door Disasembly


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Hi guys,


I know this is a total n00b question, but I spent a while on this today and couldn't figure it out.


How do I get a broken glove box hinge off? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.


The guide rail thing on the passenger side doesn't come out until you get the hinge off right? Frustrating given my old hinge has snapped.


Regardless, I have undone the 4-5 screws along the bottom edge holing the old backing/hinge on. I have undone the two screws holding the backing plate of the latch on.


The issue, how do I remove the latch (the knob doesn't seem to come off?) and the backing/hinge (does it just 'pop' off those posts holding it on)?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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IIRC the hinge portion on the door side is attached. I removed the screws from both sides and bought a piano hinge from the hardware store. Screwed it to the door and attached it to the glovebox. Viola!

I had to build a glovebox, mine fell apart when I removed it. Used heavy duty cardboard and duct tape. Painted it flat black. Looks just like the old one!

Good luck

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I have to fix mine too. I took one apart before. I believe the inner part is glued to the outer by the posts you mentioned. 

I heard somewhere about using a piece of black polyethylene (flexible) plastic or even rubber to replace the hinge. 

That's basically what the hinge is,and that's why it breaks after so many years.

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