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So now that it's summer, can ya help me water-proof my 620?


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Hey alright!

I'm on my 2nd 620 but both the 620's I've owned would get puddles on the floor when it rained...


My first 620 did not have carpet, my 2nd had carpet until the day it started raining and my buddy informed me that the carpet was "freaking soaking wet", at which point we promptly pulled it and tossed it in the bed!


So, my question is, what are the common "leak area's" on these trucks?

I'm wondering if maybe there's a rubber something-or-other that rots out underneath the cowl vent that leads to the soaking wet floor...?



I know a lot of you guys run carpet and I would love to do that but not if it means rusting my floor out!  :w00t:

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No pool, the density of the water should be comparable at a lake or sewage treatment center though, right?

Or will that water be too "thick"...?

(mmmm... I like my water like I like my women, transparent and runny!)

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I have holes in both my A Pillars, one from the antenna (it's now removed), and the other from.. I don't know what was ever there.  But that is where I have leaks. The water runs in and drops down from behind the kick panels.


I also have water coming in from my back window, but that's because my window rubber is cracked and falling apart.


You might want to take off your cowl panel and clear out any debris that might be in there.  If it's really clogged with leaves and debris, the water can collect and get high enough to drip from your vent tubes.

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