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Summer Rubber

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Can somebody point me to a good set of tires?

I am looking for a set of 205/50R15's and was wondering if anybody had any clearance issues. I'll be running these on a set of swastika wheels (280zx Turbo). S12 front struts, so tire-to-strut clearance is pretty good.


I can go down to 195/50R15's but if I can slap 205's on there that will be the route I go.


I can get a killer deal on a set of Falken Azenis RT-615's ($80/each locally, new) in the 205/50, but I'm concerned about tread life.

I'm tossing around Kuhmo Ecsta MX's, those 615's, and BFG G-Force Sport's. I'm open to suggestion however. Suggest away!


I run a set of Winter wheels during the cold months, so these tires will not be run for at least 4-5 months a year.. they will only be used during the summer.


Highway noise is of no concern to me. No worries if they are loud and obnoxious.


I do however, require that there is a wheel protector rib on the tire. The Proxes T1-R's that I run right now have a nice big fatty lip to protect the wheel from curb rash. So far it's done it's job superbly. I intend on keeping that feature on my next set of rubbers.


I enjoy my traction as much as the next guy. Stickier = better. I also enjoy tires that don't feel like I'm riding an XL Trojan over an ocean of KY. Meaning I like stiff sidewalls. But they have to last at least two summers or so. No track use and no autocrossing, but I do enjoy carving canyons. Spiritedly!

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