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  1. мг.пιѕмο

    Need a picture of an Automatic in a 510

    Muncie B/W's lines are both on the passenger side, and have a supporting mount that attaches to one of the oili pan bolts on the side beneath the starter, as well as the the very front, where one aims towards the driver's side, and the other the passenger. (Old crap radiator type). FWIW, Don't use the rad for a cooler. Install another cooler, and put a magnefine filter in-line.
  2. мг.пιѕмο

    Summer Rubber

    Can somebody point me to a good set of tires? I am looking for a set of 205/50R15's and was wondering if anybody had any clearance issues. I'll be running these on a set of swastika wheels (280zx Turbo). S12 front struts, so tire-to-strut clearance is pretty good. I can go down to 195/50R15's but if I can slap 205's on there that will be the route I go. I can get a killer deal on a set of Falken Azenis RT-615's ($80/each locally, new) in the 205/50, but I'm concerned about tread life. I'm tossing around Kuhmo Ecsta MX's, those 615's, and BFG G-Force Sport's. I'm open to suggestion however. Suggest away! I run a set of Winter wheels during the cold months, so these tires will not be run for at least 4-5 months a year.. they will only be used during the summer. Highway noise is of no concern to me. No worries if they are loud and obnoxious. I do however, require that there is a wheel protector rib on the tire. The Proxes T1-R's that I run right now have a nice big fatty lip to protect the wheel from curb rash. So far it's done it's job superbly. I intend on keeping that feature on my next set of rubbers. I enjoy my traction as much as the next guy. Stickier = better. I also enjoy tires that don't feel like I'm riding an XL Trojan over an ocean of KY. Meaning I like stiff sidewalls. But they have to last at least two summers or so. No track use and no autocrossing, but I do enjoy carving canyons. Spiritedly!
  3. мг.пιѕмο

    Blue Lake Show

    It would be nice to have the attendance that was there last year. This years attendance was rather slim in comparison. I never even heard that there was still a Blue Lake show. I do know that there (at least was) is another Datsun show hosted by the N.E. Datsun Owners Association, but from what I heard not very many people show up due to it being so remote from the Datsun World. A handful attendance at most. Maybe is somebody was to push for more advertising and publicity at both Canby & Blue Lake, maybe more people would come. Gas prices are certainly showing the lack of attendance. $20 more than last year, $40 more than the year before for me. But either way, unless a person is broke it doesn't take much to save up over the year for a car show that is enjoyable as Canby. Many people claim it's not that fun, but when you get to see a new completed car almost every year, it turns into a heck of an event. Registration costs.. meh, it's worth it if you can make the time available to go. Twenty years from now, I doubt there will be many more Datsuns alive and driving aside from the trailer queens. Cars do have their shelf life, ya know. Would like to put some faces to the cars next year!
  4. мг.пιѕмο

    a87 head?

    Hmm. Wonder what mine are. I'll have to revisit the internals again and take some measurement, I was in too much of a hurry when I built this thing in my kitchen and got it running in 3 days, 6" of snow on the ground, to ever take the time and check it out. xD
  5. мг.пιѕмο

    a87 head?

    Don't forget the infamouse 219 head. A handful of 510'ers I know have them. Happen to know the difference between the A87 Closed and the 219 peanuts? Besides the OEM camshaft, of course. Valve sizes? Ports?
  6. мг.пιѕмο

    a87 head?

    My A87 head is off an L20B. Can't say that it wasn't swapped from an L18 back in the glory days, but from what I found out about it I can second they came on 76-77 L20B's.. which would be early L20B's... The A87 also comes open, semi-closed, and full quench (peanut), FWIW.
  7. мг.пιѕмο

    pic of your dime

    Sup guys. New to the board, long time browser though. 71 Datsun 510 2-door L20b, +.030", A87 Peanut Head, SU's. EI dizzy, Roadster clutch. 16.12s @ 85mph detuned, with worn points ignition. Soon to be getting rid of those hideous rims that for some reason I used to like. Upgrading to swastica 280ZX-T wheels. Maybe paint some day when I become rich. 'Til then this is my piggy bank. Truck 5-speed, 3.70 Limited Slip out back. :cool:

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