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ebay... bah

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heres his response to my complaint about the poor quality of the purchase I made...


"You my friend are and idiot....and good luck being a looser on ebay...you beat my price down and wanted a deal...i have sold about 2000 pairs and only f---in idiots like you complian....SEE YAH IDIOT BYE...Its to bad you are 2 dumb to install them....hey enjoy it looser... you are why ebays in bad shape SSEEEE YYYAHHH LLLOOOOSER"


People who can't spell should never call another person dumb... or idiot. Does this guy have a problem with grammar? Did he have a bad experience in school during english class? I never even said I had any problem with installation... it was easy.


BTW the item I bought was brand new, and was defective... It was shipped without the original packaging.

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leave him a negative feedback. in it call him an ass and use his first name. no worries i've done it and ebay could care less if you call a name and use his name in your negative feedback. he cant leave you a negative feedback according to the new rulz. tends to hit home when you use their name.:eek:


ass is ok to use but not asshole:D sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire.


"dont buy from so&so he's an ass thats rude and doesn't know how to spell"


not that it will help you but the next person will think wow that guy must be a ass.


you might not wish to drop down to his level, but i sure would.:D my .02

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