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Extremely rare NISSAN 280Z 2+2 front seats 1977 car seats.

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This item is for true collectors and lovers of the legendary Nissan 280Z. As you may have scowered the internet and car shops these Race car seats are nowhere to be found. My grandfather, a Japanese car racer  from 1977, left the car as a family heirloom. The NIssan 280Z saw it's last days and I have sold most of it for parts minus these excellent Race car seats. These are Extremely rare NIssan 280Z 2+2 front seats 1977 car seats. Light tears on seat cushion and top side an Easy uphosltery fix. Very hard to come by, a treasure to a true car collector. Absolutely no rust good condition, will stand the test of time. An item this rare will only go up in value along with your car, these are priced to collect at $1999.00. plus shipping. Unfortunately, I can't alter the price any lower, only serious collectors.



1977 thru 1980 Datsun 280Z 2+2 front seats with Tracks

•Left & Right
•Please review pictures as they have some punctures, tears , marring
•No refunds on this item











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