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Anyone else think pikes peak has lost it's luster?

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I dont know. For me pikes peak has always been about the race to the top on a dirt road. Then the hippie ass pieces of crap protested about this and that and how somehow a dirt road is bad for the enviorment, and the next think you know. They pave the whole god damn thing. Well the only thing that ever made pikes peak popualr in the first place with the race to the top in dirt. Now that it's been paved, it seems like it;s just bleh. Who the hell cares about how fast you can go on the pavement,. Go take a formula one car and juice it up even more and there ya go. But when it was dirt. You actually had to build something more.


I dunno, I was just watching some retarded record setting run witht eh escudo on pavement. It just wasnt interesting after watching these cars go up in dirt. Hell look at climb dance from the 80s. Thats just amazing.


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I agree it is very much about the race on the dirt and I heard they were paving it slowly.. didn't know they had done it completely.


I remember hearing about some reason why they wanted to pave it. Something about having to repour the decomposed granite the road was made out of each year and it slowly being pushed off and doing something bad. I forget what...


It should be on dirt but clearly there was a reason why that would no longer work.


The good ol' days usually come to an end at some point..

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The racing isn't as hardcore as that behinning music or the sun in the drivers eyes while 1-handing that steering wheel ahhahahhah



It's ok, Shauna. We got our own pikes peak around these parts :D

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