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Wtb 1969 datsun 510 2 door only in northern california

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Hi guys I am looking for a datsun 510 2 doors  running 1968-1973 but I would love to have a 1969

in the 80's I had about 15 datsun 510 here and there but then I got married and had kids now 2013 I would love to find one of those cars again

I picked a 69 because that was the year I was born and wanted to keep this one for good and even pass it on to my kids one day(they are only 4 and 5)

Anyway I am looking to pay $2000-$3000 for it

Thanks Paul

My numbers is 408 930 4054

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You may have to go out of the area to buy one within your budget.  I've noticed that recently prices have been really going up...I mean look at this 510 (yes it's a 4 door but just giving you the example)!


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Thanks guys!

I notice that prices has gone up also ,I think it goes up and down

I am just hopeing somebody was like me and life changes where they need a minivan and had to sell it so they posted here for us

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