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1970 521 Rear brake problem


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The guy that had the truck before me had problems with the rear brakes so instead of fixing them correctly he cut the hard lines going to each wheel and crimped the lines so they wouldn't leak.


I have to replace the fitting that bolts to the wheel cylinder that has the bleeder and the brake line coming in. This is not available at the dealer. I NEED ONE! Also i need the spring retainer that holds the adjuster in.


can someone help me out??



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Do you live near a wrecking yard with old imports? I think you can still get new wheel cylinders and you will have to get new universal brake line or some from a JY. Someone here should have some brake lines. If not let us know I know where some 521s are at in a yard.

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On a truck that old get new ones. See if 620 or maybe even 720 wheel cylinders will work, look the same, I think they will. Crimping the lines is ballsy, the 520/521 only had single m/c. If they leaked or blew out you are effed.

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I have new wheel cylinders but i need the thing that bolts to the back of the wheel cylinder and the lines to each wheel from the splitter. also, the thread pitch is different between the universal brake lines from the auto parts stores and the part that bolts to the cylinder.


the junkyards around here don't keep old stuff like this long. they like to crush things

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Do mess around with rusty or questionable pieces from the JY. Measure how long a piece you need from the junction block to the wheel cylinder. Go to your auto parts place and find one with 3/8"-24 fittings (these are not metric!!!!) in the length you need. Bend them to fit your vehicle. Simple.

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i work in parts at a dealer and the part # i came up with on the retainer is still available at any dealer.one dealer in the u.s. still shows the connector in stock,deacon jones nissan in nc (919)734-2411 part # on connector is 41130-

B3000,the retainer # is 41213-04100:D

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