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80 210 Suspension Upgrade?


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I have a 80-79 210 2-door and I was sent here to find out about the camber difference between the 210 strut and the 200sx strut as in camber and brake clearance. It has the 4-link rear end and inboard(kinda) springs in the back and strut up front. I want to upgrade the rear end and the front and bigger sway bars. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I think the most common swap is ZX struts. Cut down. The brakes fit fine under 14" wheels I think.


Dunno about camber. Usually the add camber plates. You can always have a pro cut and weld the lower control arms longer. Or redrill the mounting bolt holes on the crossmember.

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Guest jaimesix



You can also work your own struts with coil over sleeves . Ground control and other brands offer these sleeves. Measure the diameter of your struts, and then you can get the set up for the front of your car. many suspension businesses do not mention many cars ( IE B210, 210, 1200, etc ) but using the diameter you can get the parts. Perch, sleeve and adjustor as well as top section and spring.


That will make your Datsun adjustable in height. For the rear, the Datsun 210 and the Datsun B210 both have rigid axles , the 210 has it together with coil springs instead of leaf springs,( B210s have leaf springs.) so cutting your coil springs together with good shocks should do.


ADDCO has sway bars for most cars. I am positive they have the bars you need for your Datsun 210. Check them out at:






Sway bars will add incredible cornering capabilities.



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Stock rear early model 510 springs are perfect in the rear, minus one coil. Combined with new shocks all around the car is performing very good. I need to do a front spring swap aswell to help keep the inside rear on the ground.




Thanks to all the ratsun-ers for all the help and encouragement to keep messin with this little pile of parts!:thumbsup:

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