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Strut inserts for s30...

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Trying to get my z lower, i like where it sits now, which is on bumpstops lol, but i also want suspension travel, so im gonna do coilovers with shorter struts...so basically i need to know befor spending the money, will stock miata strut inserts work for what im trying to do?


this is where it sits right now, i need to lower the front but that too is on bumpstops :(





thanks guys

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Why Miata Strut inserts? There are quite a few aftermarket coilover options out there. While Coilovers are pricey to begin with, I can understand wanting an alternate route to the same result, but why Miata? Are they significantly cheaper? Lower?

I'm not trying to flame, I am genuinly curious, because if what you're trying to do works, I want in on it to! haha

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Oh wait, I just re-read what you posted. You're wanting Shorter struts... Like, Shorter Shocks... got it. My mistake. Well, keep us updated!


yeah my buddy with a dime has miata inserts and has his housings chopped but no coilovers so he is stuck low...im gonna take this car to the track and want to be able to adjust the rear to fit some slicks...and i would like to be able to adjust overall height for every day driving and shows (obviously as low as possible for shows :) )

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Hybridz doesnt like low but look up "crazy octopus'" build thread. Shows how to slam a s30 using s13 megans, im running a similar set up with stance, i can be on the diff if i wanted to. Arck001 who is a member on here is using apexi miata coilovers. Probably to keep costs down buy used miata coilovers and get your strut tubes made at a shop.

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