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Question about replacing weatherstripping

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Not sure what car you drive (it's not visible on mobile), but they make reproduction weather seals. I just replaced my doors last week... Well I only did one of four because it was a huge pain in my dick.


There's a couple places that have decent prices and decent quality.


I probably won't do anymore doors myself. One door was enough hassle for me that it's worth paying someone.

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I was on mobile at the time I posted that and neither your side info (location and cars) nor your signature shows up.



You can pick up new weatherstripping from Datsunland SoCal for a decent-ish price. Thats where I got mine, and am very happy with it. Some of the other places have had reports of very stiff rubber where its very hard to close the door so make sure you buy from a good place. Some people do not like Datsunland's attitude and refuse to buy from him, but Ive had zero issues the handful of times Ive dealt with him. YMMV

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Weatherstripping is probably the least favorite thing I've done to my car. There is nothing wrong with Datsunland Socal's door stripping, I've got it on all the doors on my wagon, and if his trunk stuff is as good as the hatch stuff I got it'll be fine too.


I don't know much about universal weather stripping, but on the doors for a 510 there are channels that run the entire length of the windows, and then they are loose along the lower half of the door. The channel shouldn't need any glue (maybe some on the corners if you are paranoid) and you only need a thin bead to hold the bottom half down. I really don't know how that will mesh with universal stripping, but I am a firm believer that universal is typically not as good as it should be.


As with many things, the quality of the finished product will be directly affected by the prep work. It's 90% prep (removing old gaskets) and cleaning the surface of the channels before you begin to instal new weatherstripping.

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