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Now I get it...

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So I always get these little mini lectures from my dad about how I should drive safely, and that I should I not emulate his driving because he's lucky to be alive.


This was always very hard to take seriously, he drives a twin turbo G35 that makes 450+ hp, his dime made 250+ hp before he took it apart.


His car when he was a senior in high school (my age now) was a 67 chevelle SS, with a big block that he and his brother built from the ground up, it became a 400 hp monster, with four drum brakes...


Anyways, I was sitting the parking lot in the wagon, totally stock no suspension, sitting 12 inches off the ground too high. While waiting for a friend to walk out from the school, I decided to go ahead and back up to pick a spot and stop blocking the way out of the lot. The parking lot was empty, so I decided that it would be okay to go a little bit quicker backwards.


A little bit quicker soon turned into a lotta bit quicker. And that turned into a J turn. My friend walked up to the car told me that I was on two wheels. The skid marks lasted about 20 feet.... scared the crap out of me, but she just got in the car and asked where we were going :confused:


Guess she's braver than me, I don't think I'd climb into a 40 year old station wagon with me driving if I had to sit in the passenger seat.


That was with 50 hp... imagine what I'll do with an L20 :devil:

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That's why mine is on a stand to be rebuilt, still 70>50


imagine all that torque... making my right foot itchy just thinking about it


Mines wore out. at least 150,000 miles. The tires chirp when I floor it from a stop, with a auto tranny.

It definitely sounds really good at higher RPMs, and has good torque.

It doesn't send you flying into your seat but it moves.

I need KA.. lol.. but first a dogleg.

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