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door windows and cranks

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Undo the clips that attach it the the window regulator. Dont touch the frames like mentioned above. Now you will just have to play with it to get the windows out. Rear windows are harder than the fronts.


Why do you need the window out? Are you sure it needs to come out?


I can do this without any tools. Clips come off with finger pressure.

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the thing is i cut the rubber already

so i am guessing i have no choice but to continue


but I was able to take apart one of the doors

thanks for the help

(i was scared of continuing taking it apart)



And another question how do you take the rotten squegies?? (the chrome piece with the rubber)

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Once you have the chrome piece off the door, you will see that the rubber is held on by a bunch of staples. Remove the staples and remove the rubber. You new rubber kit should come with clips to hold the rubber to the chrome piece.


If you need to figure out how to get the chrome off, it just pulls up, be careful not to bend it, work in sections if you must.

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