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SAS 82 720 KC


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Yea, a little teaser... No pics yet either, gotta get them off my phone. But I bent a tie rod wheeling a week ago. So I took it off, and took the other one off, and instead of putting new ones on, I swapped over to a solid axle. Dana 44 outta an 84 grand Wagoneer. Warn hubs, solid Dutchman long side axle. So far, im $380 dollars into the build and about 4 days of work. Think I can have it done in another day or two. If your wondering, its effing SEXY!!! AND TALL. I haven't even driven on it yet, but I love it already...

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I was unhappy with the price of gears, after market parts, and sprung under setup. I bought a set of new 5.29 gears for a toyota off of CL for $150... Turned around and traded them for front and rear axles, detroit locker and some springs. For $200 i got a rebuilt 22R with a cam and weber and tranny and transfer case. $200 into the big brake swap kit, and this is my start to a SECOND SAS


There were alot of things that i changed and BEEFED way up. not so much rigging, and more design involved.


Prepped the frame correctly


Plasma cut and stupid heavlily built Front hanger


Grade 10 3/4" bolts and fully rebuilt knuckles and every seal



Huge Tacoma brake swap.


Shock hoops, and SHOCKS!! didnt have them on my last setup...





Oh and 37" super swampers that are going on them in the morning. :)



She is wider in the front, but i have yet to put in the rear axle to match. that will come soon. This SAS corrected alot of issues that i found doing the first SAS. Live and learn. Was fun, and i put way more time and money into this attempt. Which is fine, it was done right. so I am happy.

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