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How to: Windproof GoPro!!


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First thing is first.


Faux fur- Micheal's or any craft store $2.49 a piece

Velcro and scissors


Pretty self explanatory.. but oics none the less.












Verdict: Failure.

Wind starts at 40mph

I'll give it another go

But it is an improvement.


Video up soon.. Just rendering it.. at 35%

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Lol they sell that shit for $15??

My problem was that the wind was seeping Into the case bypassing the fur, so I sealed her up, and bobs your uncle!


I'll try the foam idea as well!!


id get some closed cell foam, and use less than they do. perhaps neoprene.


glad your going over this, ive been wanting to get a gopro for a while for playing around on my mountain bike. and of course for car :)


waterproof housing kills wind sound aswell from what ive heard. but thats alot more moneys. and not so much diy.

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Ratsun noob here just poking around...


^^What NKrader said. The problem is wind buffeting in the seams of the case. At high speeds, wind can still get past the fur so a closed cell foam works great.


The same can be applied to Contour cameras as well (I use one for MTN biking). The problem there is that Contours don't have a case, so anyone wanting to sound proof a Contour would need to get a hot glue gun and make a "soft case" that completely surrounds the camera, including the gap between the camera body and lens bezel.


If you want to go completely ghetto, a sock actually works pretty good too. Just cut a small hole for the lens to stick through and wrap a rubber band around the camera body to hold the excess sock material.

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