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  1. Looking to talk with him about that silver 510 , as I've heard that he hasn't sold it. His inbox is full and he comes here like twice a year, all the email I've found are old and don't work and the contact form on dat510 is non functioning Finally have the credit to finance 8-10k$ on a Datsun. Any help would be awesome, as that 510 is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. Apparently his name is Richard Sultan if that helps
  2. NKrader

    The silver bullet

    Awesome car!
  3. NKrader

    Another 510 IS RISEN

    nice! thats pretty clean.
  4. i would like it for chirstmas, you should buy it for me :) lol but in all seriousness, should have my 700$ a month car figured out here soon, then back to the datsun engine! :)
  5. so i have one its kinda more denty than I want. anyone in vancouver area have a decent to good shaped one that you would want to trade? so trade? plus cash or i have a few parts aswell. :) thanks
  6. NKrader

    l20b timing cover.

    Yeah didn't figure was worth that much, he said price highly negotiable
  7. NKrader

    l20b timing cover.

  8. NKrader

    Just the engine... For now :)

    Yes I'm not likemost Datsun guys I don't have enough room to store parts that I'm not gonna use, selling extra parts. its a franken motor, i pretty much got the shortblock for the block, and got a good oilpan in the process :)
  9. NKrader

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    who is gona win the race ? :)
  10. NKrader

    Local Disk Y

    card reader and usb drive usually wont show up as local disk.. usb will be removable media as will card reader. if it comes back get me a screenshot of hardware manager, disks page. or give me a call i can help faster, computers are kinda my thing
  11. NKrader

    Datsun 4x4 Pickup.

    that is correct sir, I wouldnt even know where to start importing something from another country.
  12. NKrader

    Datsun 4x4 Pickup.

    lets go ahead and say a 4x4 that is less than $1500 after this post :D
  13. Not to picky here, preferably running, decent body, not too much rust. I personally like the NON 720 ones but I'm looking at all. Could come up with most of money pretty quick, if not all of it depending on the price. Or could work a pay plan? (you hold the title of course).. Just tired of riding a bike.. go ahead shoot me a PM :-) And please don't post if you don't have truck for sale.. Way too many naysayers on ratsun buy/sell section..

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