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hey new here,about to go pick up my 72 datsun truck from a friend of mine. 100 bucks for a complete running pickup. needs a master cyl. before i can drive it home though. a little bit about myself,i am currently an autobody student as is my wife,i have been working on my current project a 1986 honda accord hatch,for ten years. i'm almost through with the paint,so the truck is on deck next. it's complete,just needs some serious tlc to the body. is smoking a bit.so i'm sure i'll have to get into the engine too. probably going to be a long project,but thats the fun. couple of questions, what is the factory lug pattern on these trucks? and is there a later model truck that will swap disc brakes on to it? i have a set of vintage 70's aluminum four lugs,would like to do whatever i can to make them fit on here even to the point of having a dual pattern put on them. probably going to restore it mostly stock,other then the brakes,would like to do a retro custom interior, right down to the shag carpeting from the early seventies. i remember riding in trucks just like this as a kid that were tricked out in that style. always wanted to do a 72 since it was the year i was born.

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they are 6 lug, there have been guys working on this for a long time, I am in the middle of my disc brake conversion... check out these threads, they will educate you a little on whats going on..





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