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Tire options for 14x6 wheel?

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It seems the pickings are slim for a decent 14" tire. (Been looking for 205-215/50, 55, 60). I've seen mixed reviews on Falken Ziex. Nittos and Kumhos are a bit pricey for me ($212 a tire!). Basically, does anyone have opions/reccomendations/remarks/etc on what to get for a reasonable price?

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yea 14" are slim pickings compared to 15". For example in 205/60, tirerack has two 14", and 47 in the 15" size.


Falken tires are excellent for performance. Are the reviews from people that actually have them? Or people who don't have them saying they don't like them? A lot of guys will only buy the biggest brand names.


For performance, disregard any comments about wear, they will wear faster than non-performance tires.

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Yeah I know about treadwear. And all the reviews I've read were on the tire sites (tire rack, discount tires, performance plus etc). Back when I had my miata (with 16" wheels), I had Azenis, then FK 452's. Both were great, but they dont have them in 14". and I head the Ziex's were more of an all season than summer.



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there out there man, falken isnt all that bad. At 60$ apeice you can afford to go thru a couple set and still swve over the other options. Another thing to think about is how you want your tire to look, a 215 on a 6" wheel looks too ballooned out for me, im running 185s on a 7 and it looks too streched, but it would but there ment for a 6" and look good on em.

The falken 190/60r 14s look good on a 7", and imho look perfect on a 6" wheel

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