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83 zx sub frame in 510

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Ok so i purchased a rear subframe from a 83 zx JUST so i could use one of the half shafts (i hope im right) to replace the one i broke on my 510. It fit just fine. I was recently looking at the subframe and it looked like it would bolt up perfectly with a working ebrake! But no spring mounts so i would have to hack and drill to get the zx coil overs to fit or get some honda coilovers or the rear set that ground control makes. Any help would be great!.

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I can't remember why I didn't try the whole rear cross member, don't think it lined up. I do have '80 280zx a-arms, rear diff and axles in my car. They bolt up to my DQ style modified 510 crossmember. You will need to run coilovers but they need to be probably 3-4 inches shorter than a standard 510 coilover. And it will push the wheels out a few inches.




Wheel stick out on stock 510 suspension (15x7 0offset)



Same wheels on s130 a-arms



If I had a choice, I kind of wish I would have found some good 510 aarms in my area and kept them instead of switching to the s130 arms. If I was smart I would have weighed everything, but I didn't get a chance.

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It's the Penultimate Rear Crossmember from Vol 2 Issue 3 of DQ. I've got a r180, but I believe the '83 would be a r200 which means you will have to modify/make a new rear diff mount also. The Penultimate rear crossmember will allow you to adjust camber. There is also a member on hear that sells brackets but I can't remember who.

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