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z22e to replace a z22s


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I'm contemplating buying a 1982 720 4x4 without a motor in it, but with original manifolds for the carb, exhaust, oil pan, etc.. I have located a couple 200sx fuel injected z22e motors, and I was wondering if the FI motors can be used with the parts from the carbed z22. Any help or advice would be appreciated. At the present time, I'm not looking to convert the truck over to fuel injection or a newer motor.




E. C. Jones

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If you are using all the original Z22S peripherals like manifolds, oil pan and pickup, flywheel then yes. The 200sx's Z22Es used the exact same pistons and rods as the Z22S for about 6 months. For the next year and a half different ones were used. This is all internal stuff and does not affect a swap.


There will be a coolant temp sender/sensor located beside the #1 exhaust port. It's for the EFI system and not needed, just ignore it. This should be a simple block and head swap.

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