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b210 in austin

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normally id say saving a b210 isnt thread worthy, but since these are pretty rare in central texas id thought i throw it out




i went out there yesterday, and talked him down to 425 i dont think he'll go any lower as there is literally a recycling plant so close that the car could be pushed to it.


its pretty rusty, almost a parts car, but could make an ok ratsun. he said it cranks but needs a carb rebuild... i have an extra running a14 if its needed.


here are the pics i got before my phone died








the dude also had a 69 and a 67.5 roaster sitting in this field. the 67.5 he said he will never sell, he seemed pretty reluctant to sell the 69 but said he might

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I dont like them, that car is pretty ugly and worn out. I hope theirs some good datsuns pop up for you guys in texas.

Ive had a few datsuns that nw guys wouldnt care about, that southern, or eastern folks would have loved.

You texas guys should come take all the cali datsuns, there are a bunch and the driver is probly unarmed :lol:

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well i prefer sedans over coupes, so were all square there, lol. i dont think it will sell, im spreading the word just in case. in a week or so ill give him a call and see if i can take some parts off of it before its junked. ive been looking for a donor to do a swap to mt for awhile

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