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89 325i vert

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Yup payed 500 for this gem. Pretty straight aside from a repairable dent in the passenger door. Paint is in good shape. New top, power everything, all stock, everything works in the car aside from a bug in the heated seat circuit, and the wiper switch is broke off. (Rain x here I come) only mechanacle issue is it needs a new carrier bearing for the drive line I think. Without repair the vehicle is not drivable. Rock auto prices it out at 40the bucks. And it's a leaker but leaks are a easy thing to fix. Mu buddy who is a e30 enthisiest says when I get her driving and in good shape again I can flip it for 1500 easy. It will be the new dd while the 620truck is getting bagged and im kinda happy about it. Cheap and comfortable just how I like it.


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Me too. Not so much a fan of this piticular year. I like them more after they got rid of the ugly metal bumpers. But I couldn't turn down a deal like this. Its completely stock and a auto so it makes ne feel a little more at ease it hasnt been beat to shit. Debating doing a 5 speed swap or not. A auto is kinda nice for just cruising.

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Pulled it into the garage yesterday to figure out why the drive line sounds like its "banging" around down there. It was a bitch to even tell as there is 2 giant heat shields in the way and to get them off u have to pull the whole exhaust off at the manifold, so pulled everything out of my way and i must say i have never seen such a bad carrier bearing.


So this is the tranny side of the two piece driveline. as u can see the outer race separated from the mount and so the bearing had nothing to hold it in place. With so much play it also blew out the flex joint seen in pic #2. fortunately the drive line is still good all that happened when it finally went was scored the outside of the drive shaft. as u can see by the shiny part in pic #3.







Soo ordered up my parts and it cost me 45 dollars with express shipping from rock auto. so now im into this car $545. not to bad since when those are replaced it will ride pretty good. while i was down there i noticed ALL the lower control arm bushings and ball joints are NEW along with the tie rod ends. then i found paperwork from schwab for over $500 in recent work they did replacing all of them and a alignment. Also the rear tires are brand new. The motor is completely stock like i said which is always a plus.



Biggest down side to this car is the interior is completely GONE So so when i decide if im gonna keep it or not I will address that. IF i keep the car i will be doing a plastic bumper swap as i hate the metal diving board bumpers. but since its a 89+ cabrio (convertible) they are direct bolt on which is nice cause the sedan pre 89 u had to modify a bunch of shit and mold the rear bumper to fit. New fan boy dished euro wheels or some shit, and a healthy drop. Interior is tan it would all be changed out for black. I might do a 5 speed swap. I hear they are cake but a auto sounds kinda nice for just getting around.


I have always wanted a E30 but never really been a fan of the cabrio models, but as its getting cheaper and cheaper of a starting project its tempting to keep it. IDK all i kno is i needed a dd and this was cheap haha.

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A buddy of mine had one in highschool, we beat the shit out of it. Jumping burms, donuts, rally, it saw it all. We played baseball together and would drove it from the main parking lot at the school to the fields in the back, one time I was standing on the drivers rocker panel with one hand on the top of the door and one hand on the roof. My buddy thought it would be funny to haul ass and whip onto a spot. Well he did, I flew vertical and grabbed the door with both hands to avoid being slung to the pavement, and when he stopped I had so much momentum that my body weight folded the door the wrong way into the fender. Another time we unlatched the top on a backroad, it took off sailing and we left it there. He got the car for free so he didn't mind, he drove it for a few more years until he sold it and never had any problems with it.

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