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An unhappy rattle... from the fuel pump?


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Changed the oil earlier and flushed radiator since it was time. Filled it up with some 20W-50 like always (burns a little) and used a Bosch 3400 filter.



After starting it, I've heard an inconsistent rattle from the engine. Took me a while, and some freaking out, but eventually used the screw driver technique to narrow it down to the fuel pump.




Here's a video of the sound:









The sound is NOT coming from the oil pan, block, etc. Using a screwdriver to the ear technique, I found it at the fuel pump. Nowhere else. Couldn't even hear it unless the screwdriver was directly on top of the pump.





Is it replacement time for this fuel pump? What causes one to make these noises? Is it unsafe to drive like this?

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