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1978 510 crossmember? reversed for KA?

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I bought a 1978 510 for the stock L20 that comes inside this bad boy. however when I pulled the motor the cross member is reversed.


I was just wondering if this could be swaped onto a 70's 510 for the KA swap. I don't know maybe this would be helpful to someone. Just and idea that popped into my head.

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i did the same thing the 78 i bought was a hatch witch one did you get hatch 2 door or 4 door


if i remember right it is wider if you scrap the car dont forget to keep the steering box out of it for your's if remeber right the brakes are bigger on a 78 then a 70's 510 and if you swap them you dont need camber plates like the zx stuff but the roters arent vented.


what coler is the inside

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mine was a 4 door. I stole the electronic ignition as well. I didnt know anything about the brakes on the 78.


how far off is the 80's a series motor mounts from the 80's L series. i dont think the dates would matter but maybe this cross member would bolt into my brothers [ugly] 1980 210. Then he could experience real datsun power instead of being so far behind me all the time when were racing.


Or I should just sell him one of my dimes. Nah.


The inside colour is green. really ugly. but some black paint makes it so much better.

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i like the retractable seat belt's in the 78 plus the way the shoulder strap comes down it is more comfortable than stock pl510. plus the center console and ebrake would be fun in a older dime i was going to swap them in to mine but i think i am going to use a saturn center console and e brake because it has cup holders:)

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I put a hand brake in my first fiveten. and someday soon I am going to put the datsun handbrake in my new 510. I didnt like the center console either because there are no cup holders. but i didnt like the whole car because it was a ugly version of the five ten. so I took it to the mountains and started learning to drift. and one day I was going about 45 and it started to slide and lost control and instead of going down a cliff hill thing i spun it around thinking I was ok to go into the bush's little bit but man was I wrong. the loggers left a tree sticking out into the bush's and when I went to the side of the road the car just jerked and then spun around. and i looked over and my passenger side door was about a foot closer to me.


well it drove home because at heart it was still a datsun. and then put the motor [L20] in the car it wanted to go into. A nice new 1972 510.

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