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520/521 bearings

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Hi Everyone,

Since we've been talking about bearings recently, I thought I'd share this listing.




If you want to verify the stock part number (which I already did) you can find the 800pg parts manual on the tech page of http://www.the620.com


I've actually bought from this seller before and he's been great with the communications and fast with the shipping.


Anyway.....these appear to be the real deal for those of you that want to keep your rig stock and on the road :)

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Bill has put up two more pics of the bearings and confirmed the ID is 32mm and that the bearing number is 32KB02....so YES...these are the real deal.


I think this is only the second set I've seen in about the last year. Many of you know how much time I have into R&D on brake mods for the 521's. I've spent a ton of time searching for a source for the stock bearings with no luck. Even the heavy duty option is no longer available. So unless somebody unearths a hidden stash of these things.....you won't likely see these come up again any time soon.


oh....and if you ever buy anything from Bill and it turns out to be wrong, he will gladly take it back, pay for shipping and refund your money :)

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