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Rear seal


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I've just dropped my driveshaft to replace my rear seal. I've forgotten which way it's supposed to go in, but my intuition tells me the side with the metal braid/ cupped side should face the engine, and the smoother, flat side should face the rear. Also I found some orange rtv looking stuff on the old one, but I've never heard of using sealant there. Good idea or no? Thanks.

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You are correct. The metal braid/cupped side faces IN towards the engine. Use a little gear oil for lubricant on the seal surface before installation. NO RTV is required, you don't want that crap floating around in the transmission anyway...

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new problem, how should I take the crap off? I can't fit anything in to scrape it off.

The old RTV or the old seal? My highest recommendation is to go to Harbor Freight and get a 'Pick and Hook Set'

Mine was the 7 piece set, and I guarantee the set will have something to get whatever out of that transmission.

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its okay, I used a paint lid remover and hooked it out, then i used a steel brush to get the residue off. turns out the metal part the seal fits into is severely chipped, so that's why they used rtv. I think my only option is to use rtv again to keep it from leaking.

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It has always been recommended to me to put a little RTV on the outside of the seal where it touches the trans housing to prevent leaks there. YOu are working with two metal surfaces that you dont want to leak, so seal it.


It only takes a very little bit of RTV, as already mentioned, you dont want it inside the transmission.

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