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510 Wagon Wanted For Trade

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hey guys, so im new here on ratsun ive been on StarQuest Club longest and hachiroku recently but i realized i dont want a ae86 or toyota i already have my conquest, and so thats my hot rod so to say and now im looking for a Daily Driver 510 wagon that i can make look good but untill the motor goes then swap it for an rb or sr nissan swap mabey a ka but point is is im pretty broke right now and ive got some old chevy rims that are worth some money id say about 1000 considering they are so rare and original 2 are missing the centercaps and beauty rings which are easy to find i just dont have money to get them and have them shipped plus they will only fit on my elcamino which im selling anyway so i have no use for them, the elcamino is for sale and so is my 71 dodge dart the dart is all original with the 318 v8 727 or 904 torqueflite i dont remember which trans most likly a 727, 64k original miles just turns runs and drives needs a tune up, im asking 5k for it, the elcamino is mildly built however, its got a 350 4 bolt main froma 68 chevelle ss turbo400 trans b&m proshifter 12bolt posi 3:08 gears latter bars sway bars front and rear, rebuilt brakes all way round rewired the whole car, runs and drives has rare tachometer and factory A/C and automatic most were 4 speeds all black leather interior 198 polished and ported heads holly carter double pump 4 barrel carb im asking 7k for it NEEDS BODY WORK AND PAINT


so heres the link to the cars and a video of the elcamino walk around and the chevy rims




I live in NE Tacoma Washington and would like to find a local car really the farthest i would go to get a car is salem oregon but id want to meet halfway its only fair


Call/Text 206-915-4413 if you have any more questions or email me at PanfiloMorelli@hotmail.com


thanks everybody

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