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1971 240Z, Series II, Strong driver $3,500.00

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I'll get some pics up in the next 4-5 days. I WILL NOT SEPERATE the parts from the car.


1971 Datsun 240Z, Series II


Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80910

Miles: 27,354 I would estimate that the odometer has rolled once, but not twice

VIN: HLS30-37577





MSA Header, Ceramic coated, custom 2.5" exhaust (does not sound ricy at all)

Older style SU Carbs (rebuilt in 2010, three screw bell-tops)

N36 Intake with water warmer passages blocked off

Gear reduction starter

280Z 60 Amp alternator

280Z Distribuotr w/ E12-80 Module

MSD Blaster SS Coil

The pre-formed metal fuel lines have been replaced with 1/4" ID rubber fuel line in the engine compartment

New Duralast battery




Later model 280Z 5-speed transmission



1993 Prelude Seats

Black interior (I believe it's dyed but they did a good job. There is a bit of blue showing through in places)

Sony Xplod CDX-GT10W Cd player

Sony Xplod SpeakerS

New front mats and rear deck carpet with Z logo

New rear hatch seal

Stock steering wheel

Stock 4-speed shifter




Dual piston front brake upgrade (Supra front brake upgrade)

New rear strut cartridges


The bad (DUN DUN DUN!):


The car has some rust problems starting to show through the paint as well as a hole in the left front fender, yet the frame rails are in excellent condition

The paint is dirty, to say the least

Trim has been removed on the drivers side. I was experimenting with looks

The car was keyed in December, 2009. One scratch all the way around.

Plastic cover for manual choke is broken

Hood was dented in the front somehow

There is one 4"-6" crack in the passenger side of the dash

The CD player shuts off when shifted into 1st, 3rd, or 5th gear (fuse box wiring?)

There are places where there are oddball screws or washers, or something has been zip-tied instead of properly secured as it should be

Has a slight vibration in the front end that I can't find

The factory clock doesn't work

The fuel gauge needle just stopped working in the past month. It takes a tap or two to read correctly

Extra parts, most used:


Original Spare

Original Jack

Original Tool bag

P90 Head (virgin)

N47 Head (virgin)

N42 Head (virgin)

N42 Block (virgin)

N42 Crank (woodruff key slot needs welded back up and re-machined)

P90 Valvetrain

N47 Valvetrain

N42 Valvetrain

N42 Connecting Rods

N42 Pistons

240SX Throttle Body

280Z FI Intake Manifold

Factory 240Z Exhaust Manifold

Factory 240Z Intake Housing cover

E-48 Intake Manifold

Timing Cover

Two dissassembled SU Carbs (4 screw bell-tops)

Rear View Mirror

NIB Driver & Passenger door seals

Two spare tires, 60% tread

Three Valve Covers (two n/a, one turbo)

Extra Oil Pump

NIB 280Z Throw Out bearing

Two Starters (one factory, one gear reduction)

Extra factory alternator

Stock 240Z front calipers

Misc. Bulbs

Extra Header

New Valve Cover Gasket

Oil Pan

Misc. Small Parts (dizzy drive gear, oil pan rails, dipsticks, etc.)

Cowl Panel

Rear Hatch Strut




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I believe the Series I Z was '70-mid '71 and the later model 240Zs were considered Series II. The more desirable and rarer of the two is obviously the Series I.



Good thing I have a series one ;). I wasnt aware that they had different series, im assuming they made slight adjustments and those became the series 2? Get some pictures up! :P

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S-1 were built from 10/69 to 12/70. Easiest way to ID them is the vents on the rear hatch. Also the S-1 had "240Z" on the c-pillar, whereas S-2 has the round Z medallion. S-1 steering wheel had indentations, not holes, on the spokes.

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I've never had that accurate of a description of the differences between the two Series cars. Thanks guys.


There was some stuff I wanted to do before I got pics but the weather has been keeping me from them. I understand this thread it worthless without pics. I have older pictures of the car from the previous owner but I would rather not mis-represent the vehicle since the paint has deteriorated since then and some things have been removed.


If you want to bust my balls about not having many/any posts, go for it. I get on this forum to gather information and do research. Would you rather I shoot out a bunch of mindless posts that have no point what so ever?




Just to clear some things up:


The car is VERY drivable and fires right up with no issues.

The exterior is white.

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