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Wiring harness for H720B longbed 5 speed


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I moved to Costa Rica in 2007 and have found that Datsun/Nissan imported smaller vehicles here for economic reasons.


It is impossible to obtain replacement parts for my 1980 Datsun H720B long bed 5 speed pickup.


I am currently in need of a complete wiring harness for this model. I'm not sure what years will work. Does anyone have a harness for sale that will fit?




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The problem with your 1980 720 is it has the L20B in it. 1981 and up the carb is on the other side and smog devices are different.


You could use a later harness but it would need to be fitted to your motor.


I am usimg a 1980 harness in my 66 520 L20B. I have added circuits from later model trucks to the harness. Modded the headlight plugs & removed circuits I will not be using. Tailoring it to my truck has taken many hours of work and also I have the factory service manuals with wiring diagrams for all the different year harnesses I am working with. I am also drawing a wiring diagram as I go noting all the changes I am making to the stock 1980 harness as I go. I probly have at least 100 hundred hours in it with about 30 more to go!

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