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WTB: A87 Head

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I was wrong, it's a u67 that has been rebuilt and ported to a point. I didn't do anything to it, it came with alot of parts that I got from a Datsun/Nissan mechanic. I also have a complete 210 head, but don't know a thing about that one either.


u67 head pics.







210 head pics.





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How much would you want for that u67 Fuzz? And does it have towers, cam or rockers?


It doesn't have any towers, cam or rockers. I believe they started on it and bought another head for a (IBT)? racer, which is now going into my car. I do have and extra cam that I'll throw in with it, but I have no idea if it is for this head or what condition it may be in. As far as cost, how does $100 shipped sound to you? I'll double box it and secure it as well as I can and I'm figuring round $25-$30 for shipping. Let me know eitherway.




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