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You just need to find one of these nifty units here!:D






Course you might need a time machine to find one. Though I have seen one complete unit sell and one without the compressor sell on ebay over the last 6 months. But they were for a 620.


Though I bet these guys make something slick that would work!



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I might have one that is mostly complete for a 521. Give me a day or 2 to get some pictures up. The only downside is the shipping. I am in Kalifornia.


I'd go for it Drastic!


My a/c pump hasn't had a belt on it since I've owned it (and the PO never hooked it up either) so I am not even sure if it works. But even still an a/c pump that'd work would be way easier to find than the under dash unit. And if nothing else the fan of my a/c unit works so I can have a bit of extra airflow.

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yeah datsun, let me know.... even if you donat have the compressor. im sure i can have some hoses made and run the one from the rx7 donor car.


u bet fisch! the extra flow is welcome but summer here is brutal. but i love it. nothing like xmas eve at the beach!!!!

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