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Energy suspension

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The research i did on this a few years ago appeared that the 720 front bushings would fit the 78/79 ball joint 620's. However i never com=nfirmed any of this fitment. You can use the universal sway bar end link kits for your sway bar end links and your tension rod bushings of a 73-77 620. I have personally installed them and know that they fit. Energy part #9.8106.


The only other rubber bushings on the front of the 73-77 620 is the upper outer control arm bushings. These are not made in urethane, but are available new from NAPA. I have also seen them machined out of Delrine. The other bushings that are rubber on the front is the sway bar frame mounts, and Energy would have those in a universal too. Part #9.5123 Non-greasable, and 9.5106 for greasable bushings.


For the rear of the truck, i have no idea if they share anything with the 720 spring bushings.

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Awesome, I appreciate the info. I kinda figured I'd be able to use the universal mounts for the sway bar links and frame mount. I was more curious about the upper and lower control arms and the strut rods.


The upper inner control arm mounts and the lower outer control arm mounts are metal bushings. I actually missed a rubber bushing in the last post. The lower inner bushings are rubber, and they do not interchange with the 720. They are 1/2" shorter than the 720. And the upper outer bushings were already mentioned, and these are the bushings that are very commonly bad, and super easy to replace.


The urethane in the tension rods and the sway bar makes a fairly big difference in these trucks though.

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