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KA Oil pan clearance in 510


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So, I've searched and searched, and the only thing I've found was someone who did a custom pan, but haven't gotten a response from him.



Anyone have any solutions to the oil pan clearance on a KA swapped 510? I'm trying to figure out a way so I can go a bit lower. Raised motor mounts? Custom pan?



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This is the passenger side after cutting it down and re working it.P4161745.jpg[/img] this is the driver side after modifying it.


And here's my cross member after I cut it and flipped it



theres a ton of writeups on this exact subject.

any of the how-to writeups pretty much cover it.

search bar is your friend


i had an issue i didnt see anyone mention with the exhaust flange hitting the steering gear bolt, and prevented me from bolting up the exhaust.and the brackets tweaked the hell out of the 510 mounts, they wouldnt have lasted a day before tearing off.




i used the ka engine brackets, cut them up and modified them to fit properly on the stock 510 mounts. i figure theyre half the price of the 620 mounts, and i already had them, granted, i'll be replacing them within a couple more months anyways, but thats 20 bucks it saved me, plus it lowered the driveline enough, i didnt have to cut very much out of the trans tunnel to get the right driveline angle. and it sits nice and low, easy to get the trans out, without fighting the engine, and lowered the center of gravity too.



i'll try and attach some pics of them before and after, im uploading them now.

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so yellow car, instead of modifying the cross member, you are modifying the oil pan? Did you also have to modify the oil pickup? I'm interested in knowing how much less oil it takes now, and if it could end up cavitating the oil pump during heavy load. Are you adding a sump anywhere else? Or flattening the original sump to keep the same volume?

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Attached are pictures of my custom pan. The stock pickup needed to be modified and the pan has trap doors to keep oil at the pickup. The pan holds more oil than the stock pan.





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