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Electronic Dizzy, Weber 38/38 carb / R1 carb

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I was going to use them for my lz22 I'm building but going a different route. Located in Kansas City.



Weber 38/38 DGAS outlaw carb with adapter for l-series. Needs choke. Took off to convert it to electric but never got around to it. $200 shipped.







BMW projector headlight set $90 plus shipping. I'll post pic tonight. It's 4 lights total.

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It's in good condition. I dont see anything else that needs to be replaced besides getting a choke for it. The original choke for the DGAS model is the lame water choke so better off with electric or manual.


I got it off my buddy that had it on his napz Z24. He switched to 32/36 before he sold the truck. It was running great. His car made a big ass difference, felt like a total beast with the 38 compared to 32/36.


Depending on your application, you'll need to rejet them. I got the jet settings for l20b engine if your interested.

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