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wtb l20b dizzy adapter

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hey ratsun i need this thing or if any one has a part number for it. i have a l16 one for match box dizzy and a l20 one for a pertronix dizzy i need one for matchbox l20b. please call or text 916-690-5587 oh and i am in sacramento ca


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I am going to call the aluminum thing you pictured the distributer pedestal. There is a steel plate that goes in between the distributer, and the pedestal. A bolt with 10 MM head goes down into the pedestal, and another bolt, with an 8 MM head goes up into the distributer, and both bolts are in slots, to adjust the timing.

I got a matchbox distributer from a 1980 200 SX, with a NAPS-Z20E engine, if the numbers are correct, without the pedestal, or the plate. I put this distributer on a L-16 engine, using the L-16 engine distributer pedestal, and and the L-16 plate, but I had to modify the plate. The slot for the bolt with the 8MM head is too close to the center of the matchbox distributer, for the bolt to fit into the distributer.


I cut the side of the plate with the 8 MM headed bolt slot, with a cutoff disk, and then used a short piece of 1/8 gas welding rod to fill the gap, and gas welded the gap back up. I little hammering, and grinding, and the distributer is mounted just fine. I also had to drop the oil pump, and retime the distributer drive spindle, to get the rotor to point to number one cylinder.


My point is this, the distributer will probably fit into the pedestal, it is the plate that you need to adapt, or modify to fit the distributer to the engine.

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