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Looking for a particular 720


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Hey everyone,


I've been trying to find an old '82 720 st that used to belong to my family many years ago. We sold it locally about 15 years ago to some people we knew in the Corvallis area. They eventually ended up selling it too, but I think to some other local people. It was spotted a few years back at a grocery store in Corvallis, but haven't seen it since then. Now that I got some extra money in my pocket I really want to get that truck back.


Might be kind of silly to be looking for it now, very well could be in a junk yard, but figured it was worth a shot.



Anyways, if anyone remembers seeing a black '82 720 ST with white pin striping (was wearing off last time I heard) at any point here in Oregon hit me up!


Sure do appreciate it!

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I hear that! I always wonder what happened to my brand new '70 dart 340. Probably better to think it's out there in some guy's garage than know the truth. What you might do is get another one and build it up the way you remember it.

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Well I thought I made some big progress as I talked to one of the previous owners, and he said that his buddy recently owned it for a while and sold it. He asked his buddy for some more information and apparently it was abandoned on the side of the road about six years ago and the police found it. I imagine that it's been crushed by now. :(


I guess i'll have to get another one after all. lol

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