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Hey guys/gals. .


Been lurking around here for a bit now, I have been in contact with a few members about buying a truck. I live in Ontario Canada, so these truck are a pretty rare breed anymore due to the friggin road salt! I was talking to a Z owner buddy that used to work as a detailer at a datsun dealer back in the day and he said these trucks would be rusting before delivery up here! haha


Last year bought a 77 280Z from Utah, a car that I have always wanted! And reminded me how much I like the japanese classics! I found a 620 up here about a month ago and the bastard sold it on me the day before I was going to pay him! argh


either way hope to have a truck in the near future, looking for something to compliment the rest of cars. I'm basically looking for a sweet summer daily driver/project vehicle to tie me over till I get my 280Z done. .

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I know Ontario too well. I was there a few years ago in my 620 and a bad vented gas cap caused the tank to collapse. I phoned every yard for a couple of hundred miles around. I couldn't even locate a 720, not one! Most yards didn't even have any 90s cars. So sad out there for the vintage owner.


Well you came to the right place. Maybe find a good runner with the back filled with spare parts, fly out to the PNW and drive one home.

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