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confused ARA?


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Ok I just got my 82 Datsun 720 with a sd22 last year in the cabin is theis little box that says


AEA Electronic Speed Controll

It also has a switch on it from front wheel drive to rear wheel drive


I haven't found it in any of the manuals I am wondering is this something someone added at some time or is this OEM


and what exactly is the function of this device besides the obvious "Speed Control"

for example does it work as a governor to cap your top speed ect

and if it is oem would it hurt anything to remove said box


I will be honest when I first saw it I thought it was some sort of brain till I read the cover cause it is about 4" x 5" x 3/4" (it was flipped around backward at the time)

I know one wire it had is already disconnected since I got the truck but that is only one red wire out of 20+ wires plugged into it


and Lastly if it is OEM does ANYONE have a wiring diagram of the unit so I can figure out where the broken wire is supposed to go


Thank you

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I have a cruise control unit on my 610 that has a "Speed Control" sticker on it. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's also ARA. Tried finding information on it all over, and all I could find is that it was a company that hasn't been around since the mid-90's I believe... no wiring diagrams or anything, so if you need any help, PM me and I can try and help you out the best I can(I had to figure out the wiring all on my own).

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