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Camshaft for a Street driven A15


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What would be a good CAMSHAFT for an A15 Street Driven? Lift,Duration?


Stock Camshaft Specs: Intake: 0.2224 in Exhaust: 0.2331 in

Valve Lift: Intake 0.3114 in Exhaust 0.3236 in


When I come back from Vacation in Mexico I plan on installing:


32/36 Weber, Custom Round Tube Intake Manifold (I dont wanna use the stock Intake with an adapter, yes I am Different :lol: ), "H72" Oval Port Head. I already have a 4 to 1 Header Installed.


I figure why not send my spare Camshaft that I took of my A14 and have it re-grind. And if i have some spare Change hopefully get some Double Valve Springs and ARP Head Studs.


and Possibly Maybe,if I get a chance since nobody was really interested in the Garrett Turbo that I had for sell, i might just start making a Custom Turbo Manifold and make a custom Turbo Hat for the Weber.

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I am also curios about this. I am hoping to keep my A15 since its in such good shape and do a light build.


Yeah i kinda wanna get something outta this

motor since it only has 65,000 original miles


Just recently i saw on ebay a Performance Camshaft for the A-series Motor, it Had a 288 Duration, but didn't mention how much Lift. It went for over $100 the Bid.

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