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starter rebuilding question


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Okay, I bought a gear reduction starter awhile ago, and I was using it to move the truck through tall grass and it got cockeyed and snapped the solder terminals to the motor. the solonoid still clicked. I soldered the terminals back, and the motor works, but now the solonoid makes a 30 amp short and no click, no vroom vroom.. I'm assuming it's my repair and the solonoid didn't coincidentally break at the same time. My question is, isn't the outside all one polarity and the inside the other? there were 2 solder terminals to the outside and I assumed it didn't matter which went to which but since that's all I did, does anyone know if I should solder the terminals 180 (switching them). or just switch the soloniod for one that works. Maybe the motor is spinning backwards and charging the solonoid ground when activated and shorting it that way. I know this is alot of trouble to save 50 bucks, but i'm a cheap bastard and don't intend to change anytime soon :).


You'd do better if this were in the proper section. This area is designed for build threads, try the general tech folder.




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