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AJ's fixer upper 71Goon build

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So I got over to my dads ,where my wagon is, to get some "before" pictures going. These are what we are going to base all of my progress on! Some of the pictures appear to be a little overwhelming for what I feel capable of doing!


The front end. Under/behind the bumper there is rust.



Passenger side profile. You can kinda see the problem areas. Appears mostly surface rust.



Driver side, from the rear.



Hatch. Rusty Rust.



Rear interior. Worst spot on the car.



Hatch latch. Rusted dysfunctionally.



Engine. L16 gonna ditch for much nicer L16 with Weber!



Fuse box rust. This place looks hard to fix, since its rusted through :(



Back seats isn't torn. Ready to dig into the cleaning part or my build!



Drivers interior. Seat is shot!



Gauges and wheel.



Factory cassette, aftermarket a/c. I really wanna get the a/c working! I have the original instructions and stuff in the glovebox.



Makes me just wish i would have sprung for a west coast car from the dry desert.

If you guys have any words of wisdom or motivation please feel free to throw them my way!!




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unless you REALLY know body work then dont touch it... build a bad ass suspention IRS swap slammed on the floor wagon of doom styleee, then SR motor swap and make the inside nice and drive it... the rust looks cool plus its pretty much ruind parts of the car....

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i agree^^^

i think that old rusty look is hella bad ass!!!youlll have a sick looking hella fast daily that can hang with newer cars lol..trust me i know ;]

i love the look on ppls faces when i let of the gas and they catch up..haha

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