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'66 roadster wanted

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Hey Gang.

Just new to the scene. Haven't even got my 1st project yet.( Well, that's kind of a lie, have an 82 210 that's not worth the effort) I was thinking about getting a roadster to play with, but they seem to be scare on the east coast ( and NONE in Canada). Anybody seen anything around. I was hoping for a roadtrip this summer. Willing to pay from $100 upwards to whatever is reasonable for the condition.


and mind your knuckles!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Fill out the Location in your profile. Makes it easier for folks to help.


Spanky has a '66 without a motor:

'66 roadster in Richmond, VA


Craig Halsted has several roadsters. He's also in Virginia (I think near Great Falls). PM me for his contact info, but only if you're serious. Craig doesn't tolerate fools and wannabes.


...and what Mike aka exit64 said: check 311s.org where the roadster folks hang out.

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