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I just got a gamefly subscription, and the first game in was Borderlands. I figured i would beat the game, and just send it back. The only problem is that it's a long f@#$in game! And it's glitchy, and it is super rough on my eyes for some reason. I have spent a couple of days on it now, but last night my eyes got so sore that I taped my left eye shut, and kept applying drops every 20 minutes.


It's been a long time since my eyes went bloodshot from actually being fatigued. So Either I'm trying to get my money out of Gamefly, or Borderlands is actually a good game... I havent even gotten to play co-op yet.


It's probably a good thing though, I needed a bit of a break from Modern warfare 2. My K/D ratio slipped from 1.6 down to 1.55.


Pretty sad to be playing video games this much... But hey, I'm running out of meds, and distraction is a great pain management tool.


Anyhow... My SN is Joe327280z So if any of you guys are on Live, then add me, and lets play some Borderlands or MW2, or Forza3 when it shows up.



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